There are loads of great mainstream AAA studio games coming this year to PlayStation 5, but what about the lesser-known indie games currently available for (and coming soon to) the console? We’ve rounded up our pick of the best PS5 indie games, as well as a few titles to look forward to.

The best PS5 indie games


Haven is a romantic space RPG adventure from The Game Bakers where you play two characters at once, and it’s one of the best PS5 indie games around. Yu and Kay escaped to an abandoned planet where you must explore to collect parts and materials to turn your ship into a comfortable home. Settle into everyday life as a couple: cooking, crafting, scavenging materials, making new friends and combining forces to battle foes who would tear you apart. This pick-up-and-play style game is easy to get into and features an electro soundtrack from DANGER. You can also play local co-op with a partner or friend, for even more fun.

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