Google IO 2022 was full of surprises, because along with the expected announcements the company also teased the likes of the Pixel 7 and even a new Pixel Tablet.

This came as a complete surprise, as other than a job advert there had been no previous sign that Google was working on a new slate. But not only has Google now confirmed that it is working on one, it’s even shown images of the Pixel Tablet, and shared the first details.

Below, then, you’ll find everything we’ve heard so far about the Google Pixel Tablet. Currently that’s basically just what Google has told us, but we’d expect leaks and rumors will start rolling in soon, and well add them to this article once they do.

Cut to the chase

What is it? An upcoming tablet from GoogleWhen is it out? 2023How much will it cost? No idea yet

Google Pixel Tablet release date and price

Google has confirmed that it’s aiming to launch the Pixel Tablet sometime in 2023, so there’s quite a while to wait before it’s available to buy.

The company didn’t get any more specific than that, but we can take an educated guess at when we might see it, as there are two points in the year when Google tends to release new hardware. First there’s Google IO, which almost always takes place in May.

Then there’s the launch of new numbered Pixel models, which happens towards the end of the year, usually – but not always – in October. So during one of those events would be an obvious time for Google to launch the Pixel Tablet, but it’s entirely possible the tablet could be unveiled at another point in 2023 instead.

Of the two likely options we’d think October is the most likely, as Google didn’t sound certain that the slate would even be out by the end of 2023 – rather that’s just the company’s goal. So there’s probably a lot of work left to do on it.

So far, we have no idea how much the tablet will cost. We can’t even really guess as the company hasn’t recently launched any other tablets, and we don’t know how high-end the Google Pixel Tablet is.

(Image credit: Google)

News and rumors

Google has shared some images of the Pixel Tablet, two of which you can see above.

The slate is shown here in white with a curvy rear, fairly large bezels around the screen, and a single-lens camera on both the front and the back.

From the design – which is a bit like a Google Home Hub without the stand – we’re thinking this will probably be a mid-range slate rather than a high-end one, so it could be more of a competitor to the basic iPad 10.2 or the iPad Air (2022) than an iPad Pro 11 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Beyond a brief glimpse of it, Google also revealed that the tablet will use the company’s Tensor chipset (which is currently found in the Pixel 6 range). However, given that it’s not landing until 2023, we’d expect that the as-yet-unannounced second or third generation of the chipset would be used, rather than the current one.

We also know of course that the Pixel Tablet will run Android – specifically either Android 13 or Android 14, depending on when in 2023 it launches. Being a Google device it’s also sure to get a lot of software updates – and to get them promptly.

But this won’t be the Android tablet experience as you might know it, because Google has been working to improve things on slates, with Android 13 set to bring a redesigned interface, designed to make the most of bigger screens.

Beyond that we can speculate that it might have the same 50MP rear camera as the Pixel 6, since Google doesn’t tend to change up the camera hardware it uses too often, and that was a new sensor for the range.

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