Amazon’s Fire OS 8 will be based on Android 10 and Android 11.
This is the first upgrade of Fire OS in years, with even recent Amazon tablets running Android 9 Pie.
It is not clear which existing tablets will get the new Fire OS — if any.

Earlier this week, Amazon launched its latest tablet refresh: the best-selling Fire 7. The refreshed tablet gets a USB-C port, finally, as well as more RAM and a faster processor.

However, Amazon didn’t clarify which software would land on the Fire 7 tablet, so we assumed it would be Fire OS 7. Based on Android 9 Pie, Fire OS 7 has been on all recent Amazon tablets over the past few years. So color us surprised when, today, Amazon revealed (h/t 9to5Google) that the tablet will have Fire OS 8, which targets Android 10 and Android 11.

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