Welcome to the 431st edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

WhatsApp rolled out some new features on May 5th, 2022. The big new drop is the Communities feature where users can create communities to talk about stuff, similar to apps like Discord. Some other new features include emoji reactions, groups with up to 512 people, and 2GB size limits for file shares. Hit the link to learn more.
Google, Apple, and Microsoft are working together to deploy password-less sign-ins. Some other companies use this technology in varying ways. This new way uses a person’s phone as a sort of hardware key. It would store a FIDO passkey that lets them log into services by confirming the log-in on their phone. It’s kind of like if you combined passwords and 2FA. Hit the link to learn more.
Android 13 is adding some restrictions to sideloading APKs. It’s not going away. However, Android 13 requires the app to have come from an app store. This could become sticky because the goal is to not give sideloading access to apps from untrustworthy sources. However, it’s not up to Google to decide what is and isn’t trustworthy.
YouTube Go is being killed off. The app was meant to be a lighter, less intensive app for lower-end devices in areas where mobile data is slow. Google says the regular app has improvements for those very use cases and it should provide a better experience overall.
Google Play had a pretty big update this last month. Included were a variety of bug fixes along with some new stuff. The update includes account management and system management bug fixes, new Nearby Share functionality, new discoverability features, and enhancements to Google Play Billing. We usually don’t talk about Google Play updates, but this one was rather extensive. Hit the link to learn more.

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