More than a dozen people have been injured in a blast, authorities in the Spanish capital say

A powerful explosion has rocked the Spanish capital Madrid early in the afternoon on Friday, with authorities reporting more than a dozen injuries.

The blast occurred at a four-story building in the city’s upmarket Salamanca area where construction work had been underway at the time.

The incident left at least 18 people injured, according to medics. Most of them escaped with light wounds, but four required hospitalization, including one in a serious condition.

Two construction workers are reportedly missing. They are said to have been on the third floor when the blast occurred.


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The explosion was so powerful that it reportedly threw one man into the courtyard of a nearby house.

The building where the blast took place suffered “a lot of damage,” with debris also hitting parked cars and the facades of other nearby houses.

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Firefighters, who earlier evacuated four people from the building, have been searching the affected floors for more victims.

The police have cordoned off the area and launched an investigation into the blast.

According to some media reports, it could have been caused by a gas leak or a boiler malfunction.

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