Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
Google has officially filed a trademark for a product called Pixel Watch.
This is the strongest evidence yet that a Google-branded smartwatch is on the way soon.
It’s possible the watch could land as early as next month at Google I/O, although that’s still a very shaky rumor.

For literally years now, we’ve heard rumor after rumor about a Google-branded smartwatch being in the works. As the years have passed without anything materializing, we’ve become quite skeptical that it would ever come at all.

Recently, the rumor mill has been churning once more for a Google Pixel Watch. While there’s been some strong evidence thus far, everything has been leaked from unknown sources. Now, though, we have evidence directly from the source (via 9to5Google). Today, we have a trademark filing from Google for a product called “Pixel Watch.”

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