Post reshared from:, TL;DR: The Clocky runaway alarm clock is just $63.99 at the Mashable Shop with code GREEN20 as of Dec. 15.If you’ve gotten all too familiar with the snooze button, it’s only going to get worse in the depths of winter. Snuggling up in warm, toasty blankets sounds much better than the cold that awaits you. But desperate times call for desperate measures. You’ve got to make it to work on time (even if that means simply walking down a flight of steps). And that’s where Clocky comes in.Clocky is your soon-to-be arch-nemesis. It looks innocent enough — and starts out that way, too. Like any good alarm clock, it beeps at whatever hour you set it for. But when you inevitably reach for the snooze button, it rolls away, jumps, beeps, hides, and does just about whatever it can to force you out of bed. It can jump off a nightstand up to three feet high without issue and roll on both carpet or wood floors. Plus, it projects a loud R2D2 robotic beeping sound that’s just annoying enough to ruin your would-be snooze time. It’s not a monotonous sound, so the random pattern will awaken even the heaviest sleepers. Oversleeping will become a thing of the past.There are some customizable features you can take advantage of for a wake-up experience that’s not infuriating. For instance, you can allow for a single snooze time for one to eight minutes, but then Clocky will start to do its thing. You can also turn off the roll away feature if you need to.Here’s a glimpse at what you’re up against:

It takes Americans an average of 24 minutes to actually get out of bed and start the day, with most setting two alarms and still hitting snooze twice. This is partly because smartphones make it so easy to hit snooze. Clocky, on the other hand, breaks the snooze cycle. For a limited time, you can break your snooze habit — and someone else’s — with this bundle of two Clocky runaway alarm clocks on sale for 20% off. Use the Green Monday code GREEN20 at checkout and get two for just $63.99 (regularly $79.99).

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Clocky runaway alarm clock
$63.99 at the Mashable Shop with code GREEN20

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