Post reshared from:, TL;DR: The KiTiDOT Amusing Cat Collar Toy is just $19.16 at the Mashable Shop with code GREEN20 as of Dec. 14.Does your cat know it’s Christmas time? Nope. But that shouldn’t stop you from showering your four-legged friend with presents. Here’s one that’s sure to be a hit: the KiTiDOT Amusing Cat Collar Toy. The KiTiDOT is a laser collar toy that’s loads of fun for your kitty and extremely amusing for you. It’s usually $25, but they have dropped the price down to $19.16 for a limited time. You just have to enter the code GREEN20 at checkout to get the deal.It’s pretty self-explanatory, but this laser collar toy is both a collar and a laser pointer. It’s designed to keep your cat prancing, pouncing, and playing with an uncatchable red dot that goes wherever it does. It switches between normal, constant, and flickering modes, too, so they’ll never get bored of it. You can adjust the angle of the beam up to 45 degrees, so you can change up how far away the beam is and what position it’s in at any given time. And since it’s around your cat’s neck, you won’t have to worry about it beaming into their eyes.See how adorably amusing it is in action:

Made by the same creators as the Wicked Ball and Ice Cream Ball, the materials are non-toxic, soft, comfortable, and completely pet-friendly. While it’s specifically designed for cats, the fit is even comfortable for small dogs, too.This laser collar toy is a great way for cats to channel their energy in a game of chase and sharpen their reflexes. Plus, it’s sure to keep the owners amused. Snag one for your kitty and all the cat parents in your life while this deal is live.Use the code GREEN20 at checkout and slash the $25 price tag down to $19.16.

Credit: Cheerble

KiTiDOT Amusing Cat Collar Toy
$19.16 at the Mashable Shop with code GREEN20

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