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LG is slated to showcase two lifestyle TVs with unusual designs at CES 2022, one of which is the recently announced premium OLED Evo TV with motorized cover. The other? It’s a smaller wireless TV with built-in battery called StanbyME that you can roll in and out of any room in your home. The 27-inch display is mounted on a moveable stand with concealed wheels, and you can adjust its height to customize its position for whatever you’re using it for. You can also swivel and rotate its screen to either portrait or landscape orientation. In its announcement, LG said that since you can adjust its position as needed, you can use it in your kitchen while cooking or in your bedroom or the sofa while lounging. And you can, unless you’re planning on not getting up for hours to binge on your favorite series — the TV only lasts for three hours of viewing before it needs a recharge. Despite that limitation, you can use the StanbyME to view whatever content you want using the apps it supports, which include Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video. You can also take advantage of its mobile screen mirroring capability with your Android or iOS phone and NFC. The model has a removable mobile cradle on top, so you can use it to take video calls or attend online classes. Plus, you can use it as a screen for your laptop or PC via wireless connection or by using USB or HDMI.The model will come with a remote control you can use for navigation, but it’ll also be able to recognize touch and gesture commands. LG also says that it has a unique US that’s “tailored to the viewer’s personal viewing experience.” The manufacturer didn’t explain what it meant by that, but we’ll find out for sure in January at CES.

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