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Dremel is the standard when it comes to rotary tools. DIY enthusiasts use them for everything from standing down a dog’s nails to cutting through steel. If you fall into that category, the company’s latest release, the 8260, is interesting for a few reasons. To start, it’s Dremel’s first brushless rotary tool. Thanks to its more modern motor design, Dremel claims the 8260 outputs 20 percent more power than the 4300, its most powerful corded model. Moreover, it features double the battery life of the 8220, its previous flagship cordless model. It’s also 20 percent faster than the 8220.  It’s also Dremel’s first smart tool. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the 8260 to your phone through Dremel’s mobile app. One of the niftier features here is an interactive guide that will tell you what accessory and RPM you need to use to cut through specific materials. It will also send you battery notifications and warnings if the tool is about to stall or overheat. An LED light on the 8260 will also warn you if you’re about to run into those problems.  The 8260 is available today through the Home Depot for $169. The kit comes with three wheels for cutting metal and one designed for plastic, a battery, charger and a carrying case.    

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