Post reshared from:, TL;DR: The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino Developer Bundle is just $31.97 at the Mashable Shop with code GREEN20 as of Dec. 13. Anyone has the ability to create and control their own robots and other gadgets. The trick is having the right tools and knowing your way around those tools. The best tools for the job are DIY maker platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi — and the best way to learn the ropes is with this affordable beginner’s course collection. The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino Developer Bundle is valued at $1,800, but the price has dropped to just $31.97 with the code GREEN20. That’s just $3.55 per course. The nine courses in this bundle are led by experienced robotics entrepreneur and software engineer Edouard Renard. He’s a well-renowned instructor with an impressive 4.2 out of 5-star instructor rating, who teaches with a step-by-step approach students appreciate. He’s also a pro with robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ROS, and more, so that definitely helps.  Renard will break down all the complicated concepts around Arduino and Raspberry Pi in over 60 hours of instruction. It’s designed for beginners and you can work through it completely at your own pace. Beyond just learning the basics of both DIY maker tools, you’ll also work through hands-on projects. You’ll build a complete surveillance and alarm project with Raspberry PI, create a web server on your Raspberry Pi, build a complete ROS2 application from A to Z, build your own Arduino circuit with many hardware components, create an online simulation of the course project, and so much more. There are also courses that will get you familiar with some of the most widely-used computer programming languages, like Python and C++.Whether you’re a regular DIY tinkerer looking to take on the digital world, a budding maker, or robotics novice looking to build a career, these courses will show you how you can create and control your own gadgets. No former experience is necessary. Get started for just $3.55 per course when you enter the code GREEN20 at checkout.

Credit: Edouard Renard

2022 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino Developer Bundle
$31.97 at the Mashable Shop with code GREEN20

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