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It’s now that much more affordable to scoop up an AirTag and track your keys or bag from your iPhone. Woot is selling single units of Apple’s item tracker for $25 to Amazon Prime Members, and $27 for everyone else. The sale runs either until the end of 2021 or supplies run out, so this might be ideal for last-minute gifts or post-holiday splurging. Just be aware that Woot’s return policy isn’t the same as Amazon’s, although you will have until January 31st to return anything purchased by December 31st.Buy AirTag on Woot – $25The AirTag has a handful of tricks to help it stand out from other find-my-stuff devices. The NFC-based pairing makes it easy to set up with iPhones, but the real star of the show is ultra-wideband support that helps you find tags with high precision. So long as you have a UWB-equipped Apple handset (the iPhone 11 or newer), you may know the exact spot where you lost your goods — helpful if something fell between the couch cushions.The main catch, as is often the case with Apple gear, revolves around the ecosystem. While you can use an Android phone to help return an AirTag-equipped device or (soon) spot nearby tags, you’ll need an iPhone to set up those tags and track them from afar. You’ll also need accessories if you want to clip a tag to a keychain or backpack. The batteries are replaceable, though, and the simple design might be appealing if you think the alternatives are unwieldy or dull.Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

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