Post reshared from:, Holiday cheer gone horribly wrong. This is just the kind of awkward and deeply terrifying interaction that Nextdoor wants to help you avoid.In a Saturday Night Live holiday ad that isn’t obviously about the neighbor-connecting social network until the very end, host Billie Eilish holds up handwritten signs from her family’s apartment windows as she invites the sweet, old widower across the way (Kate McKinnon) to come over some holiday cheer. Turns out that’s a terrible idea.The signs become fraught as McKinnon’s neighbor reveals herself to be a bigot, and then a dog-eater, and then possibly an unhinged kidnapper and murderer. I don’t even want to get into why Mikey Day is here, because that would mean spending more time thinking about why Mikey Day is here. Eilish plays her part perfectly, with increasingly unsettled responses in both her signs and her performance that fully sell the bit. Source: Read More


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