Post reshared from:, Happy holidays from Saturday Night Live?Host and musical guest Billie Eilish joined Heidi Gardner in this Christmas-themed sketch, with the two playing seemingly middle-aged dance teachers who have come up with a big idea for their annual Nativity pageant: A Hip-Hop Nativity. You haven’t lived on this Earth until you’ve seen Gardner bellow “pimp walk” so many times in quick succession that the words lose all meaning.This is a sketch where Baby Jesus (Andrew Dismukes) twerks. But not before his earthly father, Joseph (Kyle Mooney), pulls off a perfect pimp walk of his own. All while Chris Redd, dressed as one of the Nativity’s donkeys, endures hip-hop dance lessons from these two weirdos. His facial expressions and handful of exasperated line reads speak volumes. Top-tier weird SNL. Source: Read More


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