Reshared from, Just days after his departure from the Democratic party, Yang joined Carlson to critique the two-party system and promote his hopeful third party. Source: Read More

One thought on “Tucker Carlson cites a ‘smart analysis’ from the Unabomber’s manifesto during an interview with Andrew Yang about America’s two-party system”
  1. Typical leftists – –
    unable to divorce an idea from those who promote it.
    Unabomber murdered people and forced the press to publish a manifesto which these leftist journalist did with glee for ratings.
    What they forgot though was that the Unabomber was not a moron! He had an IQ around 190 so whether they like it or not he probably did have some insights that are at least intriguing.
    If we used their faux moral outrage as litmus test they would have to abandon the communist manifesto and probably half the writings that fuel their totalitarian dogma!
    The only one showing himself as a moral reprobate here is Jim Acosta but then again that is not new for him is it!

    What arrogant empty headed NPC’s one must be to be a democrat!

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