Sony a7siii revealed

The third-generation video-focused full-frame mirrorless camera from Sony is revealed. The all new a7siii comes paired with a new 12MP BSI-CMOS sensor. As well as, the latest ‘Bionz XR‘ processor. Moreover a7sii comes with an improved autofocus functionality. Moreover, it packs an ultra-high resolution EVF and the ability to capture 4K/120p video.

A fan of no fans

With a brand new heat dissipation system. Which makes the need for cooling fans redundant. Sony promises that their new reveal can record up to ‘at least’ one hour of continuous 4K/60p footage.

Blazing fast sensor reads

Sony claims that the new sensor inside the a7Siii reads twice as fast as the previous generation. Resulting in considerably reduced rolling shutter. The new camera comes with a noticeably improved color reproduction. The new a7S III will be the first consumer camera to support the new CFexpress Type ‘A’ media.

It looks familiar

Sony a7siii

This new camera has a magnification of 0.91x times. The new a7S III’s copies the design of the a7R IV. This results in improved build quality and IBI. At 9.44 million dots the electronic viewfinder sports the highest resolution we’ve seen yet. The menu system has also been refined, Sony focused on an easier navigation this time around.

So what are the confirmed features?

The camera supports twin dual-format memory card slots, both of which can handle an SD or CFexpress Type A card. A full-size HDMI port makes connection to an external monitor a piece of cake. Also, is is nice to see a headphone and a microphone socket. Moreover, the card will be able to wirelessly connect to wifi. Seeing as, it has support for dual-band Wi-Fi. On top of that, it supports USB Power Delivery.

Support for both H.264 or H.265 codecs is built in. In addition to that, another important feature is support for 16-bit Raw output at up to 60p, and support for S-Log2/3 and HLG. On the other hand, the a7S III does not support DCI or Super 35 capture.

The a7S III will be available in late September 2020 for $3499. Expensive but worth it.

Full specifications and press release here.

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