Does AMD know how to stop?

Despite AMD Zen 2 APUs having just been released to the market. Even though, they will only be available through OEM builds. Ryzen PRO series is getting released in the Hong Kong market as well. The line-up consists of R5 4650G and R7 4750G APUs. The pricing for these models is HKD1799 / US$232 / EUR199 and HKD2680 / US$345 / EUR297 respectively. Hong Kong tech forum HKEPC has already purchased the R7 4750G model. Moreover, HKEPC tested the processor against, an R7 3700X build. As well as, an intel build sporting an intel core i7 10700.

Ryzen PRO

Ryzen PRO CPU Performance

R20 1 Core CPU503506495
R20 All Core CPU476548963779
7Zip Compression632936336358323
7Zip Decompression925019650176234
CPUID 1 Core540.6533508.5
CPUID All Cores5772.25686.44038.9

Ryzen PRO Gaming results

 FireStrikeFireStrike ExtremeTime SpyAPEX Legends 1080p lowDOTA 2 1080p lowFortnite 1080 lowUnigine Heaven 4.0 1080p low
Radeon RX 55039241899129942.265.467.236.1
UHD Graphics 63012285724568.619.622.15.6
RX Vega 11 (3400G)34251804130737.955.257.931.5
RX Vega 8 (4750G)41521872158641.662.565.851.9
GeForce GT 103034431704124739.561.463.434.1

What does HKEPC have to say

The 4750G is only performing 2~5% lower than the 3700X, but brings 7nm VEGA IGP die. No wonder AMD does not want to launch the RYZEN 4000 APUs to the consumer market, and also limits them to the 500 series chipset. Although the 4750G is quite cheap, the lack of PCIE 4.0 support may discourage some gamers, especially those who plan on buying an eGPU, keeping in mind that the iGPU is not that powerful. Unless you do not play games, the 4750G is a great buy for DIY PC building.

Personal thoughts

On synthetic benchmarks the 4750G performs almost on par with Ryzen 7 3700x. Synthetic and multicore tasks are intels’ weak point due to a lower core count. 4750G has some great optimizations in its SOC design resulting on astonishing performance. As a matter of fact, this can be seen when you compare it to Ryzen 7’s 3700x chiplet design. The onboard vega GPU seems to demolish intels CPU graphics and is on par with AMDs RX550 and Intels 1030 GPUs. Not bad AMD, not bad.

If you are not looking to play all the latest games on ULTRA settings. But instead, you are looking for a cheap solution for day to day tasks as well as gaming. Then, look no further AMD’s Ryzen PRO and AMD’s APU’s in general. AMD is steadily creating a world where onboard graphics will be able to play all the latest games. Of course, the on board GPU will not be able to beat a dedicated GPU just yet. Everyone’s favorite underdog, AMD, has come back swinging the last few years and we enjoy the show.


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