Nintendo "Gigaleak"

Source code, development repositories, and beta/debug builds of Super Nintendo games have been leaked online. Resulting in a new Nintendo leak.

The second Nintendo leak this year?

As a matter of fact, earlier this year, another leak took place. Part of the leak were beta Pokemon designs, the source code for the Nintendo 3DS and 64 prototypes.

The current leak contains, the source codes for titles such as Super Mario. As well as a few Legend of Zelda ones.

Twitter flooded with footage.

It goes without saying that the files are already in the hands of Twitter users. As a result, Twitter is already flooded with uploaded footage of these beta versions of the games.

Here is a list of this “Gigaleaks” contents, according to the original 4chan post.

Full development repository for Ensata official DS emulator

Full development repository for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Full development repository for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, ending in March of 2006

Full personal development repository by a Diamond and Pearl dev

Full development repository for NetCard (cancelled GBA peripheral)
Full development repository for NetCard (cancelled GBA peripheral)

iQue GBA stuff

Full development repository for Game Boy Advance BIOS

Full development repository for Game Boy Color Boot ROM

Full master ROM database (America and Japan, NOT Europe) for Famicom and NES including the ROMs (and I mean everything - there’s even Nintendo World Championships 1990 and shit like that)

Master ROM of Super Mario RPG

Source code to Star Fox
Source code to Star Fox 2
Source code to Link’s Awakening DX
Link’s Awakening DX bug reports
Source code to Wild Trax / Stunt Race FX
Source code to Yoshi’s Island
Source code to Mario Kart
Source code to F-Zero
Source code to TLOZ A Link to the Past
TLOZ A Link to the Past dev stuff & bug reports
Source code to Super Mario All-Stars (including Mario World?)
Source code to the Wii VC Game Boy Emulator
Some weird prototype game (“super_donkey”, from early 1993 - Yoshi’s Island style)
Super Mario Kart prototype(s)
Full development repository for a tool to upload titles to the Wii Shop Channel
“WallPaperPasswordMaker” source code
Random test program source code
Seven early 1990s tape backups
Several Super Mario World 2 prototypes - “Super Mario Bros 5: Yoshi’s Island”
eTicket signing keys for an unknown system
Private and public keys for “various arcade manufacturers”
Game Boy Advance and Iris (early 2003-era DS prototype with 1 screen) board documentation
Tons and tons of CAD documents in general relating to Nintendo products
Wii private keys?
ES/FS source code (IOS) (also a p2p/voice chat lib?)
P2p lib:
IOS Arm Toolchain patches:
Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite! debug build
other\CGB\B86__ハム太郎 2\Master\USA\ham2usa_020807
SuperFX Test Program (1991)

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